Snow Jokes

Top 10 funny things about snow:

  1. Before it was just something you whipped at your neighbor, but now the term “snowball” means something more explicit: Alright, Which Asshole Brought Crack to the Coke Party?
  2. Mary may have had a little lamb whose fleece was as white as snow, but it wasn't paler than her parent's faces after they heard what she did during her first year at college : Date, Mate, Hate…Repeat
  3. Because of girls and their mood swings, snow globes are now dangerous weapons: Fighting Amongst Ourselves
  4. It's a delight to see someone naked get catapulted into a large snow bank: YouTube: Japanese Game Shows
  5. Even though it's barely an accomplishment, people will sit out in the snow with barely any clothes on to prove that they are indeed superhuman: A Letter to My Neighbor, Shamu
  6. You could probably scare the shit out of a Mexican if you left a snowman on their front lawn: Vince Vaughn, Starring Vince Vaughn
  7. Canadians think they're cooler because they get a lot more of it: Saucy and Mountie Questions of the Week
  8. Just because her name begins with it, Snow White has been called a coke slut: They Call Her Snow White Because She's a Coke Slut
  9. They were awesome in elementary school, but for college students, a snow day is a magnificent gift from God: Greatest Snow Day Activities
  10. Every man in his lifetime will reenact the famous snow run from Rocky IV, with the badass winter beard too: An Idiot's Guide to Her Sexual History
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