Singing Jokes

Top 10 funny things about singing:

  1. People think they sound good when they sing along with birds in the morning, but in reality they sound horrifying: Choose Your Own Adventure: College
  2. For some reason, people get the urge to sing when they're completely smashed: Turning 21: Alcoholic Bliss
  3. It's made ugly people incredibly famous on national television: American Idol 2004: Place Your Bets!
  4. Girls who can sing are hotter than those who can't….sometimes: Having Fun: The Hard Way
  5. Everyone finds themselves doing it with random people they don't know when they're drunk: 11 Things You Must Do Before You Finish College
  6. You know at least one person who does it when leaving a drunk phone message: The 411 on Drunk Dialing
  7. If your classmates and close friends did it like they do in High School Musical, life would be a lot more entertaining: Give My Regards to Broadway
  8. Its made people who can't really sing incredibly famous: The Hannah Montana Phenomenon
  9. Kanye West does it like a 14-year-old girl: Doing Acid at a Kanye West Concert
  10. Nothing thrills a college student more than having an important class or exam interrupted by a singing birthday clown: A College Birthday Experience
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