Rock Music Jokes

Top 10 funny things about rock music:

  1. It actually created the term “Emo”, not punk rock fans that came out of the closet: Emo Song
  2. Since it's been around for decades, you're still finding out about catchy songs from years before you were born: Deep Cuts: The Best Classic Rock You've Never Heard
  3. It created groupies, which you have to admit, is pretty badass in its own way: The Old Record Store Scam
  4. It gives beards a purpose because the girls are attracted to them when their under the spotlight at a concert: The Rock God Proclaimeth: ZZ Top, “Legs”
  5. People won't vote for a presidential candidate that doesn't listen to rock: 5 Reasons Not to Vote for President
  6. Band names are always badass because nobody wants to hear a band called “The Fuzzy Wuzzy Bunny Rabbits”: Gold Digging Friends Use Hoes to Find Backyard Cash
  7. Nobody really knows, but it probably brought back the term “orgy” after it was lost forever in Roman History: Guide to Essential College Friends
  8. People name their pets after rock gods and killer anthems everyone recognizes: The Rock God Proclaimeth: Led Zeppelin, “Black Dog”
  9. It's made everyone want to become the Ultimate Sex God of Rock and Roll: College Memories
  10. Unlike the fate of techno, it will never die: Rock ‘n' Roll Won't Never Die
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