Robbery Jokes

Top 10 funny things about robbery:

  1. Shooting your fellow officers:I Really Mucked Up That Hostage Crisis
  2. Spending the better part of your life with a roommate again: The Good Life in the Big House
  3. Getting better drugs than you thought: Alright, Which Asshole Brought Crack to the Coke Party?
  4. When the loot talks back: Armed Art Thieves Tell Munch's “The Scream” to Shutup
  5. Stealing someone else's look for yourself: He Was Looking Smooth with the Jewelry
  6. Losing your place in line at the bank: That Bank Robber is Not Fucking Kidding
  7. It gives cops something to do: The Least Refreshing Cool Breeze Ever
  8. Not much, if they steal your girlfriend: Grin, Part 1
  9. Playing years of checkers with seasoned veterans: The Beginner's Guide to Jail
  10. Finding out it was all a big joke: Scare Tactics on Sci Fi
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