Rappers Jokes

Top 10 funny things about rappers:

  1. Regardless of their gender, they will at some point in their life wind up in jail: Rapper Lil' Kim Charged with Obstruction of Breastices
  2. Some of them will pretend to be civilized by doing a duet with a “normal” star like Sheryl Crow or Elton John: The Ten Worst Songs of All-Time
  3. Their music videos are never creative: The Making of a Rap Video
  4. They may say they do it for the music, but the real reason they rap is for the money: Why Most Rappers Work for Free
  5. Some of their rhymes can make an English major graduate have an orgasm: In an Ark Somewhere, Noah is Laughing
  6. There's not one rap video out there that has a chick who doesn't look like a total skank: The Making of a Rap Video
  7. They are a country singer's most hated enemy: The Obscene Hatred List
  8. It's hard to say whether or not the female ones are hot: Rapper Lil' Kim Charged with Obstruction of Breastices
  9. There's always something weird about the way they dress: I Love New York
  10. When you really think about, they have the gayest names in the world: The Atomic Poo: Part Deux

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