Masturbation Jokes

Top 10 funny things about masturbation:

  1. It's not a crime, it's just a way to relieve stress: Mainstream Masturbation? Just Handling Business
  2. Our minds work their butts off during it: The Mind of a Single Guy, Part 2
  3. Every time you do it, God kills a kitten (or something cute and fuzzy): Global Warming: A Convenient Theory
  4. It's never cool when someone masturbates to your own website: Change Good, Static Bad
  5. People actually do it to weird things, like video games and shopping catalogs: Text-Based College Madness (Part 2)
  6. No one among us can say they didn't masturbate while thinking about any of the three daughters on Step By Step or Topanga from Boy Meets World: It's Friday Night and the Moose Is Right
  7. It's funny to say it, but it's actually a stage in an individual's life: How to Get Through Life in 10 Stages
  8. Some people wish they could just sleep for three weeks straight, wake up, masturbate in privacy, and then do it all over again: Where's the Ice Cream Man?
  9. It's hilarious to hear what nerds masturbate to: A Major Problem with College
  10. Even though they'll probably die once they're done, people want to attempt to do it all day long: The Masturbation Manual