Guitars Jokes

Top 10 funny things about guitars:

  1. They can help one pick up the opposite sex: Teaching Yourself Guitar
  2. At a party, there's always some guy playing one on a couch somewhere: You Know You're in College When…
  3. They're fun to break, smash, set on fire, headbutt…: How To Do Everything Right
  4. The thousands of awesome guitar solos they've created have entertained hippies for decades: NG Hatfield's Sketch-Comedy Rock Show
  5. Most guys who play them choose not to wear a shirt even though it isn't the 60s' anymore: The Most Depraved Thing I Ever Read
  6. If you teach yourself how to play one, you're recognized as a God in today's world: Teaching Yourself Guitar
  7. Combined with video games, they can make an ultimate karaoke party: Rock ‘n' Roll Won't Never Die
  8. They're so great, there are contests where people play songs without the actual instrument: The Rock God Proclaimeth: AC/DC, “Back In Black”
  9. Most of us once pretended to play one with a tennis racquet: College Parody Resume
  10. You can tell everyone that you know how to play one and they won't know that you can't play one: How To Do Everything Right
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