Gambling Jokes

Top 10 funny things about gambling:

  1. Online poker is one of the most thrilling things you can do online, without the messy clean up: I Am an Online Poker Addict
  2. Broken bones may end up being part of the deal when you bet with a bookie: The Cracker—A Gambling Tradition
  3. Nothing like a “To-Do List” for Vegas: Don't Call It a Comeback Thoughts
  4. Gambling, drinking, and women – the 3 main food groups in Vegas: Viva Las Vegas
  5. Smoking blunts and throwing dice constitutes “Thug Life” in a rich neighborhood: The High Life
  6. There actually ARE some cons to go with the pros in Vegas… who knew: Down and Dirty Guide to Vegas
  7. Once you discover free drinks in casinos, alcohol won't be your only vice for long: How to Drink for Free
  8. Betting on American Idol contestants is just like betting on football, only way less heterosexual: American Idol 2004: Place Your Bets!
  9. You can never compare poker to sex—playing cards with someone underage will not get you 5 to 10 and put on a watch list: Poker? I Don't Even Know Her
  10. It finally has it's own holiday (move over Thanksgiving): Happy Super Bowl
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