Concerts Jokes

Top 10 funny things about concerts:

  1. People will do crazy things just so they can get tickets, like write an essay about how their dad died in Iraq : The Hannah Montana Phenomenon
  2. They bring out the inner-hippie in your parents: Quintuplets: The Worst TV Show Ever…EVER!
  3. The performers will do insane things, like throw all their money away or body slam you on stage (cough cough…Akon): Why Most Rappers Work for Free
  4. They can make people lose their shit, e.g. scream in excitement and throw random objects at the stage: I Will Demonstrate My Excitement at This Concert By Throwing Shit!
  5. There's always a hot person in the crowd who catches your eye: Not to Sound Racist
  6. Because of MTV and other music television stations, you can get almost get the same experience while sprawled on your couch: UTV: The Worldwide Leader In Drunk
  7. You get that Christmas Day feeling when you get free merchandise: Birthday Boy Speech
  8. Since he's in his Daft Punk phase, Kanye West shows are supposedly the best place now to do acid: Doing Acid at a Kanye West Concert
  9. There's always a fight involving drunk people going on somewhere: Grateful for a Dead Fable
  10. Pot just seems to go hand in hand with blaring music: Reasons I Smoke Pot
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