Buses Jokes

Top 10 funny things about buses:

  1. Riding them makes you feel like a poor person: Job Hunt 2003
  2. Bus stations are probably one of the sketchiest places in the world because they look crummy and extremely weird people hang out there: College Memories
  3. The accidents they cause; like c'mon, who can't see a bus coming when they're crossing the road!: How to Survive College Without a Helmet
  4. They never arrive on time; they're always either early or extremely late: An Open Letter to My Local Mass Transit Operator
  5. No matter how long you wait for, bus stops always make you get pissed off: Bus Stop Blues
  6. The seats are incredibly small and since they can be slippery sometimes, you can expect to go flying whenever the bus stops: No Matter How You Feel About Prop 8
  7. It would be cool to own a transit bus, but what everyone wants is their own yellow school bus: The 10 Types of College Relationships
  8. They create the worst smells known to mankind: Viva Las Vegas
  9. Bus drivers tend to fall for girls who give them the Bambi eyes: An Open Letter to My Local Mass Transit Operator
  10. You can never just take one of them to go somewhere: Why the Hell Does Columbus Get a Holiday?

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