Bikes Jokes

Top 10 funny things about bikes:

  1. Even though it probably doesn't mean much now, your first bike is probably the greatest present you've ever received: My First Bike
  2. They can't make a man look manly in any way possible: Manford Has a Limp Dick
  3. Believe it or not, bike racks still exist in today's society: A Drunk's Guide to Bar Hopping
  4. Two-seaters are really gay because you'll always end up riding by yourself because no one will hop on with you: Vicious Cycles
  5. You got more bruises from trying to learn how to ride a bike than from getting beaten up by a bully: Dear Fucks at Edy's Ice Cream
  6. Bike messengers only know one speed: really really fast!: Hot Time in the City: Moving to NYC After Graduation
  7. Their only weakness is grass because in most cases when you ride on it, you'll end up eating it after a hard fall: The Fire Within Me, Chapter 4
  8. Even though people try to pedal them as fast they can, the stationary ones at the gym aren't time machines: Dear Old People at the Gym
  9. When you see people riding one in the street while you're driving, you want to kick the living shit out of them: That's What Sidewalks are for
  10. They're the lazy version of running: Women are Like Shoes…

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