Beer Pong Jokes

Top 10 funny things about beer pong:

  1. There was a Beer Pong Revolution in 1973: The History of Beer Pong
  2. A few games with a partner of the opposite sex can help get you laid: Beer Pong Enlightenment
  3. The sport actually has pro athletes: Beer Pong Star Signed to Three-Year Deal
  4. “Beirut”, it's fancier name, is fun to say: You Know You're In College When…
  5. Some people have a longtime beer pong partner: The People We Will Let Down This Summer
  6. It can start a brutal shit-kicking: Friday Night Fights
  7. There's such thing as beer pong intramural leagues: A Day in the Life of Alex Willen
  8. People no longer recognize their tables as “tables,” instead they're “beer pong tables”: Emergency Room Service Included
  9. The ideal place to play is in your parent's garage: Growing Up
  10. There was a time when women couldn't play the game: The History of Beer Pong
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