Bars Jokes

  1. Figuring out how to get laid ahead of time: 111 Rules of Bar Crashing
  2. Too much testosterone coming to a head: Bar Fights
  3. Drinking enough just to forget the one you're in: Lowering the Bar Crawl
  4. You can actually drink in prison or an ice fortress: Exotic Bars
  5. Watching your wingman get stuck with a fatty: The Wingman: Your Best Friend at the Bar
  6. The creepy guy hanging out in the corner: Bar Scene Breakdown
  7. Learning the questionable history of your favorite bar: Remembering Joe's Bar and Grill
  8. Watching kids under 21 attempt to use their fake IDs: Fake IDs: Close Encounters with the Law
  9. Getting free drinks from the bartender: This One's on Me
  10. Accidentally forgetting about last call: The Golden Hour of Stragglin'