It's not just the nation's $19 trillion debt that you will be paying back the rest of your life toiling in hard and unfulfilling labor.

It's not just the fact that there's this group of people that wants to slice your head off on TV. It's so much more than only that.

It's the thousands of times you will have to go to the bathroom between now and the day you die. This can be a relief sometimes but often it's a day-disrupting nuisance.

It's all the dirty fingernails you will have to file and put somewhere. It's all the bosses who will berate you. It's all the people who will annoy you and outperform you. It's all the people ahead of you in the McDonalds Drive-Thru line.

You will not know what to do. It will never become clear. So you will just go with your gut and your gut will be wrong.It's all the diseases you are either going to get, or are going to be warned you might get. It's all the deaths of your brothers, sisters, parents and friends. It's all the funerals with the rectangular boxes being dropped into the ground.

It's all the hospitals you will have to go to as you get old. It's all the doctor's touching and probing you in weird ways.

It's all the job interviews that won't turn into jobs because the people interviewing you either won't like you, won't surmise that you're smart and competence, or think you look ugly. It's all those interviewers who will never tell you why they decided not to hire you. It's all that time you are left in the dark wondering where you stand with them having learned nothing in the process and wasted lots of times preparing.

It's all the time you will fritter away, all the mice that will run across your kitchen floor, all the mortgage payments you will make, all the taxes ripped out of your paycheck, all the leaves you will have to rake, all of your kids who will start to think and tell you you're a loser but will still ask you for money.

It's all the blogs you will post to that no will read nor comment on. It's all the goals you will set for yourself that you won't achieve. It's all the trash cans you will have to fill up and then walk to your curb. It's all the dirty dishes you will have to wipe clean. It's all the windshields covered with ice you will have to scrape with your finger knuckles.

It's all the ducks you won't be able to line up. It's all the friends who will blow you off.

It's all the times you submit articles to Courtsincase that he decides not to publish but never tells you why. It's all the arbitrary decisions and issues you will be affected by that make no sense.

It's all the dubiousness, unfairness, nebulousness, capriciousness, and dissonance.

It's all the uninspiring songs you will hear, all the backstabbing you will be experience, all the hatred in the world, all the worries about the demise of your country about which you will need to grapple.

It's all the technologies will have to learn just to find out you're still behind and have to learn more. It's all the indecision you will have about so many things the rest of your life, all the missteps and misguided actions, all the temptations that show you're weak. You will not know what to do. It will never become clear. So you will just go with your gut and your gut will be wrong.

It's all the times you do the stupid thing and it costs you professionally and personally and psychologically. It's all the self-doubt and ferocious perceived and real competition from China, Russia and Japan.

It's all the complexities such as how many men or women should you date before you decide to marry them. And confounding you further, it's trying to figure out how long you should wait before divorcing that person you have inevitably ended up loathing.

It's all the love that you won't feel nor experience. It's all the polluted waters and war-torn countries and burned down forests in California.

It's all so bad. It's all such darkness. It all awaits you.

Your life will be more frustrating than you could ever imagine. It is endless agony.

You will suffer death in life before death in death.

Decapitation is the only answer. Off with your head.