(Scene: A dark hospital corridor near the morgue. Orderlies run around trying to figure out why all the body bags are moving and what all the banging is from the corpse cooling machine. A body covered by a sheet moves into the shot. Then it sits up revealing the incredibly handsome [but alas, dead] face of everybody's favorite person in the world: KC!)

Casey dressed as a zombie in front of a video cameraBRAIN: Must get brains!

KC: Brains!


NOSE: Brains.

HANDS: Brains.

BUTT: Brains.


EARS: Brains.

JUNK: Wow. With all this rigor mortis, it's like having a permanent boner! Bring on the dead chicks!

BRAIN: Brains!

KC: Brainnnnnns.

JUNK: Come on… everybody? This blows.


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