The following is a transcript from the weekly radio talk show American Heroes, hosted by Jonathan Gaylord. It has been edited for content by the FCC.

JG: Joining me today is Mickey Wolf of the DEA. Thanks for being on the show, Mr. Wolf.

DEA agent arresting a felonMW: It's your dime, pal.

JG: So Mr. Wolf…may I call you Mickey?

MW: Let's just keep it professional, we're not going out bowling after this.

JG: Mr. Wolf, you've been coming under fire a lot lately for what many people would consider excessive force during your sting operations. How do you respond to that?

MW: Who the f[BLEEP!] said that?

JG: It's just what some people in the media have been saying.

MW: Like who? Give me some f[BLEEP!]ing names.

JG: So you would argue that your methods are justifiable and necessary?

MW: What, we can't shoot black kids now? When the f[BLEEP!] did that start?MW: Everything I do is by the book. And that book is called "How To F[BLEEP!]ing Deal With Junkie Scum." Look, I'm with the DEA. We deal with one thing—f[BLEEP!]ing drugs. None of this other bull[BLEEP!]. We don't give a f[BLEEP!] about your f[BLEEP!]ing parking tickets or your pirated f[BLEEP!]ing movies. You wanna get drunk and slap your old lady around? Not our f[BLEEP!]ing problem, let the cops deal with that sh[BLEEP!]. You wanna get high, you f[BLEEP!]ing junkie piece a' sh[BLEEP!]? That's when it's my f[BLEEP!]ing problem.

JG: There was an incident last year where you shot and hospitalized a 10-year-old African American boy because you suspected that he was—let me make sure I've got this right—the leader of a glue-sniffing ring? Is that correct?

MW: What, we can't shoot black kids now? When the f[BLEEP!] did that start? Anyway, it ain't like he f[BLEEP!]ing died or anything. Can I say n[BLEEP!] on the air?

JG: Absolutely not.

MW: F[BLEEP!]. Can I say that?

JG: …So Mr. Wolf, I understand that your most recent arrest was a 93-year-old woman with Alzheimer's disease who was allegedly selling her prescription pain medication to young people in the neighborhood.

MW: Yeah, I see sh[BLEEP!] like this all the time. Little old lady wants a bigger retirement fund, got more pills than she knows what to do with…next thing you know she's pushing dope to children.

JG: The hospital report says you broke her hip.

MW: The f[BLEEP!]ing b[BLEEP!] was 93, she had osteoporosis! I could've flicked a quarter and broken her hip!

JG: She claims you punched her down a flight of stairs.

MW: See? Just goes to show how tough she was. She was probably high on Oxycotin. Are we done here?

JG: Actually I had a few more questions—

MW: This is a f[BLEEP!]ing waste of time, I got s[BLEEP!] to do.