From a crime scene investigator's personal voice recorder, the afternoon following an apparent late-night homicide in a 3-star hotel room (the police have already arrived and done some preliminary work to the crime scene):

– Free continental breakfast before 11am, bring Lindsay here next wkd, DO NOT SLEEP IN.

– Ugh, stinks in here!! Bring one of those face mask thingys next time.

– Wait wait, lemme guess… African American male, age 21, and you guys found marijuana in his pocket? …No? Ohhhh wait, did you guys think I was talking about the victim, or..? …Nevermind.

– No sign of forced entry. Although the door was unlocked when I got here, so it's kinda hard to tell. Plus, all the room keys look the same so who knows who had whose key?

– Smells like coffee in here. Check to see if the victim went to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or something before getting himself killed.

– Found a white, plastic sleeping bag in the corner of the room.

– Blood everywhere. The hotel manager is gonna be furious. Be sure to wipe off shoes before leaving the room.

– Man, this guy has been dead for a WHILE. Seems like somebody would've heard the gunshots and called the police. Check for bullet holes.

– No witnesses left, unfortunately. Everyone on the floor checked out by noon. It's ok, you've solved a murder with less information…you can DO THIS! THINK!!!

– Why are bodies always in that sprawled out position on the ground? I could practically bring a chalk template with me to the next scene and lay it down over the dude!! Might not fit PERFECTLY, but what the hell, it'd be funny to try to get it to fit.

– Ugh, forensics team just showed up. What the hell does forensics even mean, anyway? Whatever happened to good ‘ol fashioned detective work?