Julia is a girl I just met, who I've have been chatting with over the internet for about a month now.

We met online through an instant messaging program. A mutual friend connected us. This program allows for friends to add each other onto a list. A list where you then can view if your friends are online or not. And if the list indicates they are online, you are free to click on their name where suddenly you both share a conversation “window” or “box”. The window allows both people to type text to each other at real time. This is great for long distance communication and for people who are too lazy, like me, to pick up a phone.

The program also allows you to customize your conversation box. You can do things like change your font type and add any picture you want for both parties to view. When I first started talking to Julia, these were the first things I noticed. Her font was pink in color and her posted picture was one she took of herself. Posing like a model in her own bedroom.

She was also wearing hardly anything.

And I was shocked to see this. She obviously didn't care to show complete strangers a picture of herself wearing a t-shirt she could have only bought at Baby Gap and in nothing else but a pair of panties. But I couldn't blame her. She looked amazing and sexy. Julia is also significantly younger then me. I am 27 and she is 21. All my female friends that are my age, post pictures of hawain sunsets or their pet cats.

So I always felt excited when I jumped online and noticed she was online too. She changed her picture often and I was always curious and turned on to see what the new picture of the day was. And it always involved her wearing hardly anything.

Over the next month, Julia and I would talk on a fairly regular basis. I learned things like she worked retail in a mall and liked to tan. Then questions would get a bit more specific and over time I'd start to ask her questions like “what kind of education do you have?” and “Do you read?” and she'd respond back with one word answers. She’d then ask me questions like “Do you workout?” and “I want to be in a movie!”

Then she'd switch her msn picture over to a shirtless Colin Farrell.

Julia and I lived in the same big city. But on opposite ends. We lived close to an hour apart. And as lazy as I am, that was considered too far away for me. But I guess that was the excuse I told myself. It was assumed our little friendly relationship that had developed was strickly internet only – As it was obvious we both ran with different crowds and hung out at different places. So we never made plans to get together in person. Naturally, over time we talked less and less and I felt a little disappointed. I had developed a little crush on her. But I finally told myself no matter how sexy she is, she just isn't my type. It was one of those “we really have nothing in common” situations.

Now we hardly ever chat.

The city is big. And as I pulled out my workout bench from out of the closet and blew the dust off my dumbells, I knew the odds of us ever running into each other, were slim-to-none.