Anti-Bush Protest Proves Close Shave for President

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina – At the 34-nation Summit of the Americas, thousands of protesters staged an angry demonstration against the presence of US President George W. Bush. A spokesman for the White House commented on the protest saying the President was “utterly surprised” and “mildly constipated.” The Administration has taken fire from Free Trade opponents regarding President Bush’s actions expediting the Free Trade Area of the Americas pact. The complexity of the Free/Fair Trade Debate often boils down to the prioritization of profit maximizing/globalization over international social, labor, and environmental standards. For more information, check here and here.

As Google/Amazon Host Books Online,

Libraries Restock Shelves With Alcohol

The Internet – As Google went public with its Print Library initiative, Amazon announced its program to allow readers to purchase everything from pages to entire works. As the print industry faces the influx of innovations of the internet, publishers began to take a page from the entertainment industry. Both Google and Amazon lead the wave in furthering e-book sales.

Merck Cleared In Second Pain-Reliever Case,

Avoids Pun of Tasting Own Medicine

New Jersey – After awarding over $250 million in its first case, Merck continues to face the heat of lawsuits over its pain-reliever Vioxx. The second ruling affords the company a second wind as their legal strategy faces still more cases. After setting aside $675 million to combat the estimated 2,700 cases filed, lawyers at the company may not find the time to golf this weekend. Industry analysts predict that the number of aspirin-related puns may plummet unless Merck takes a fall.

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Still Alive, Carlin Proves ‘Life Is Worth Losing’

‘Life Is Worth Losing’
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Santos Or Vinick? Fake Candidates Have Live Debate

The West Wing
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