The Lady in Leather Skirt and Boots w/ the banging body on Telegraph,
Okay, so you’re not a whore (yet). But I’m telling you, we could make some big money together…set your own hours; work from home!

–Wolf (The 1200 block of Telegraph)

w4m: My name’s Esmerald and I caught sight of you way back during the 1924 World’s Fair out there in St. Louie (we necked near the Tilt-a-whirl). Anyhow, you still kicking? Write me an epistle if you want to “tongue-gel” some more (say what was I eating over by the Ferris Wheel so I know it’s you; hint: I don’t remember)
Esmerald May Wickham
1017 Horseshoe Lane
Bethesda, MD

m4w: Hey Maggie-the-receptionist-at-Dr. Dawes:
The doc cleared me on everything but early-stage syphilis (gave me a week’s supply of antibiotics and told me to take ’er easy). Care to celebrate in 7 days?!? I’ll either be at the Lonely Gentleman’s Bar or Nadine’s Bordello.

Stop by! We'll fuck!