I have been pot free long enough to now pass a drug test. See, I am a lucky boy and my metabolism is so high from years of swimming, so I can get away with smoking longer and taking drug tests quicker and getting away with it. Not smoking has sucked terribly, and it has had its ups and downs.

I'm more likely to go to class when high. I love learning when I am high, because even the simplest thing blows my mind and as long as I‘m not reading, I‘ll remember it. Most of the time I spend while high is either out partying, in class, or watching Nat. Geo or the History Channel. My attendance has gone down drastically with the lack of pot, and so has my ability to remember simple facts about John Locke.

I've been finding random things I've lost while high. I located my iPod, which has been missing over two months. I haven't charged it since I've found it, but I'm just relieved it is back in my possession. I also located a map telling me where I buried a time capsule I made when I was six, and when I start smoking again, I'm going to hunt it down.

I've been healthier since I stopped smoking pot, but I'm willing to put being high over my health in my list of priorities. Although I do enjoy working out when I'm high, I feel like Matthew Mcconaughey. I just can't run when I'm high. Although I still want to run a marathon while smoking cigs. I'm sure that's frowned upon though.

But anyway, I'm almost positive I've locked down a new job, so I just need to pass the drug test before I get hired. I can't wait to have a beautiful reunion with my long lost lover Mary Jane. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing. I just feel like I'm a 5 year old and Christmas is approaching.