I am not the first to admit I made a mistake, but at this point there is no denying that I screwed up bad when I rented this bike with two seats.

I thought it would be a fun and creative idea for us to share the same bike. I was hoping the teamwork would bring us closer. But after the first few hundred feet, I realized it was a very bad idea.

Two-seater bike rentalIt is hard to balance the bike with your bulk constantly shifting. I wish you would just center yourself on the seat so I wouldn't constantly have to correct our direction. I am getting tired of jerking the handlebars to avoid falling completely over. If this two-seated bike fell, I think we would both be injured more severely than if we had just rented two normal bikes.

Just because I can't see you, doesn't mean I know you aren't pedaling. Every time I crane my neck to have a look, you put in a few token pumps. But don't harbor any illusions: I know it is my leg-power alone that is dragging this heavy, unwieldy bike forward.

You may have noticed that I tense up every time we have to make a turn. That is because this massive, ungainly two-seated bike does not corner well. I am afraid of taking the turn too sharply. You may have noticed that this two-seated bike has a low center of gravity. That means that with every turn, we risk falling into traffic. If that happened, you and I would both be severely maimed, and possibly even crippled.

I want to take the bike back to the rental place. But by this point we are too far, and there is no choice but to finish this godforsaken ride.