Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I woke up around 6AM to discover that I had sweated through my sheets straight to the mattress, my temperature was just under 102 Fahrenheit and every muscle in my body had found a new and unusual way to lock up. I slept until 5PM on Monday, then went back to bed at 11PM. At any rate, men get grumpy when they're sick and I am no exception so there was no way I was even thinking about trying to be funny yesterday. I'm sure we're all over this by now, but I figured I'd apologize.

A text message from my old college roommate living in New Jersey after the Giants' won the Super Bowl: Holy fuck!

A text message from a buddy of mine from Boston after the Giants' won the Super Bowl: What the fuck?

Bill Belichick, after running off the field before the end of the game, when he knew he was gonna lose, is officially a little bitch. If I saw him, I would say to him, “Hi Bitch Belichick. You're a real class act.” Fuck him.

Living in Tampa means living with a lot of Northeastern transplants, which means a lot of people from New England are in my life. Which means I've had to listen to so much pompous bullshit from these overt assholes over the last twenty weeks that, at one point this year, I actually punched a Boston fan in the throat. Imagine being a fan of a team that goes undefeated up until the Super Bowl only to lose the damn thing. If it were any other fan base, I'd probably feel bad. But these fans have been hideously annoying all year. Fuck them.

Elisha Nelson Manning is your Super Bowl MVP. This is only because the NFL will not allow an entire defense to share an MVP. For shame, NFL! For shame! Fuck you, NFL. Fuck you.

Watching Tom Brady get sacked five times in this game was totally surreal. At one point, while we were watching the game, my buddy AJ said, “You know, the Giants seem to be having a lot of success in this game. Maybe the rest of the league should try the whole, ‘tackle the quarterback' idea. Might just want to keep that in mind for next year.” That's a point.

Oh, and while all this crazy, Super Bowl stuff was happening, Bob Knight turned into a quitter and retired from coaching basketball and Andy Pettite ratted out Roger Clemens in a court of law.

So yeah, all in all, a pretty interesting couple of days for sports. Which is good, 'cause it's just basketball and hockey until April.

I wonder how the Blues are doing this year?

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