I can't figure out whether this is the nerdiest invention ever, or the lamest invention ever.


Case for nerdy:

1. You thought ahead to yourself, “Honey, we take so many self-portraits of each other that come out JUST BARELY WRONG… never again!”

2. At least you HAVE someone to take a picture with.

3. It requires you to pick from several adaptors depending on your camera. Anything that requires the use of an adaptor on a case by case basis (you probably want to take pictures without the rod sometimes) is flirting with techno-geek.

Case for lame:

1. You must be really anti-social not to be able to ask someone else to take a picture of you. And if you actually thought ahead to carry this device along, chances are you're in a high-volume tourist area.

2. Stop taking pictures of you and your girl/boyfriend's heads.

3. Your girlfriend bought it and not only do you not have the balls to tell her to return it or shove it up her ass, but you put on a killer smile like the guy in the ad, and/or pop your collar.

4. You bought it and you don't even have a significant other yet?