WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a dazzling display of political prowess, justice nominee and current White House counsel Harriet E. Miers reportedly signed with Atlanta-based rapper T.I. After allegations of potential judicial ambiguity, Miers retorted, “You might see me having brunch with President Bush but that’s because you don’t know me. You might see me making bipartisan campaign contributions but you don’t know me. The Press is hating, and now I see why: it's because you don't know me”

President Bush backed his appointment during an hour briefing yesterday in the White House Rose Garden. “I can understand people not, you know, knowing Harriet.” He later added, “She’s not a person in Texas saying, ‘Look at me. Look how stellar I have been.’”

Miers and T.I. currently have yet to post their upcoming pre-Comfirmation Hearing Tour. More details to come.