When you visit our aquarium, you will enter through a revolving door.  Inside, you will be impressed by the site of many aquatic creatures which have been practicing their routines for months, specifically in order to impress you. 

I can not imagine that you will fail to be impressed when seals clap their flippers and walruses bellow to produce one of the best covers of ‘Stairway to Heaven' I've ever heard.

Next, our river otters will display a variety of gang signs, including the symbol for "westside".

You will be awed as you enter the hall of jellyfish, and see a 200-foot-long Portuguese Man o' War stun a four-hundred pound reef shark with its tentacles.

Continuing along, you will observe a giant octopus that has learned to count cards, and can play eight hands of Blackjack simultaneously, while winning.

As you climb the stairway to the second floor, greater wonders await.  Have you ever two humpback whales copulate?  Oh, I forgot, I'm the only one who has seen that.  Hundreds of times. 

As you exit the indoor exhibits, you will be struck by a massive lagoon, teeming with all kinds of sea creatures, all performing routines, perfectly synchronized.  The choreography is so precise that, at the same moment a Giant Clam belches a rope of seaweed, some dolphins come and tie the rope to a floating surfboard, and drag it through the water.  When they catch a wave, a leopard seal gets on the board and walks the nose.

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