I may have gotten my first “real” job, but it hasn't made me a millioniare yet. You cut corners here you can, and for me, that means I still eat a lot of Ramen noodles.

400 calories at 20 cents a pop. It's far from the healthiest thing, but it will keep you alive.
I can only eat the creamy chicken flavor. Nothing else works. No oreiental, no mushroom or beef or seaweed. None of that other shit. Only creamy chicken.

I'm not a patient man, so none of that boiling on the stove. Microwave only.

Break up the noodles a little bit while they are still in the package. Toss them in a bowl and add a lot of water. Put them in the microwave for 2 minutes. The noodles awills till be a but crunchy. That's the way we want them.

After 2 minutes, be ready. If they get too soggy, they taste like shit. Have your spices set up.

Spices? Yes spices. Pepper, chili pepper, lemon pepper and hot sauce. If you got 'em, throw some bacon bits in there. They add depth to the mise en scene of the dish.

Add your spices and mix in the flavor packet. Repeat as necessary.

Gotta go. There's the ding.