Dear TV Studio Executives,

My name is Mable, and I would like to see someone make a TV show called Baby Tycoons.

Everyone loves babies and everyone loves watching rich people do stuff, so why not add them together and get a funny TV show out of it?

If you’re not sold already, here’s my pitch: Baby Tycoons takes place in Manhattan. Each baby is a billionaire (at least), and they’re all into owning and running huge businesses.

One of the babies could own a bunch of real estate. The pilot episode could have a newlywed couple ready to buy their first home, but guess who comes out with the title papers? A baby! Cue the laugh track!

Another baby could be this sweet little girl who owns a fashion company. Wouldn’t it be adorable to watch her strut her baby friends out on the cat walk? I know I’d watch!

Here's a picture I found on the Internet:

Of course, we can’t have a bunch of rich babies running around Manhattan without proper supervision. There needs to be a nanny/financial advisor to all the babies. Maybe if Meryl Streep is free, she’d want to do the project? She could even have a catch phrase, like “That’s a lot of money, baby!”

If you can make the show anything like those E*TRADE baby commercials, then it will be a success.

You don’t have to pay me for this idea or put my name in the credits. I just want to see this show on my TV at home.