I‘m still not sure how it happened, but a fight broke out in front of my friends house on Halloween. Well I mean I know how the first fight started. The first fight started when a kid who got kicked out of the party came back and hit one of my friends who lived there. He promptly got his ass beat and was escorted outside, where he talked more shit and was knocked out again. But that's when the second fight started.

A group of maybe 15 black kids emerged two or three SUV's and just attacked anyone that was white and in the general area. I happened to be standing on a second story balcony, drunk, high and tripping on LSD.

Six black kids in white t-shirts attacked a pirate who was separated from the group. The pirate got his ass kicked for no reason. When everyone else realized what was happening, a red neck, a ninja turtle, and two non costumed kids all ran over the fight the group. Then ten more black kids came out of nowhere, and it became sixteen on five with one kid on the ground out cold. Now as this epic battle started to happen, no one wanted to help their friends. So I reacted. I threw a full beer off the balcony and watched it make contact with one of the attacker's heads, dropping him right to the ground. Other people seeing me do this, started to launch everything off the balcony they could. I watched a chair go flying, more beer cans that I could count, and a pumpkin sailed off the balcony. The pumpkin ended up going through the back windshield of a parked car. Although effective, we weren't helping as much as we could. I broke myself away from imagining the fact that I could read trajectory. I was seeing lines follow the thrown objects from point A to point B. I decided I needed to go down a flight of stairs and start fighting people. A bunch of people tried to stop me, but I was yelling incoherently because I was nearing the peak of my trip, and they just let me through when the phrase "Fuck those guys, asses about to get beat" left my mouth.

I don't remember getting to the front yard where the battle was taking place, because blind rage and acid really aren't meant to go together. I did notice though that the two groups of white kids that started the first fight had allied together to fight off the gang attack. So I step into the crowd wearing a bright blue vest and dress shoes. I had 3D glasses on that I stole from work because I thought it enhanced my perception. I get grabbed from behind by someone, and when I hear the voice, I know it's one of my friends. He is wearing a giant penis suit. Apparently they made the decision to go back to my house, and they needed me to get in. We ran out of the center of the fight, and a kid squared up with me. Naturally I got ready to hit him but he then ran off when he saw my pupils fully dilated and the fact I straight out told him he was about to die.

My arm was grabbed again and another friend reminded me I had about a QP of chronic in my pocket and that it was in more than 5 baggies, so I would be fucked when the cops got back. On the way out of the circle jerk of fighting, one of the black kids who was just observing informed me that the kid I tried to fight had a gun on him, and if I would have swung he would have shot me. I started to walk faster at that moment. A friend of mine threw a shovel through the back windshield of one of the SUV's, and the gang took off running, like it was some kind of sign. I heard sirens and started running back to my house, where I played Mario Kart 64 until I stopped tripping.

All in all, I have to say is what the fuck? Who seriously jumps a random group of kids who are already pissed off from a previous fight. I mean, seriously. To leave your house with the intent to fight strangers and bring a gun with you is just dumber than hell. Don't get me wrong, I like a good fight if it starts for the right reasons, but to jump strangers is just wrong. It doesn't make any goddamn sense. If anyone can tell me why events like that happen, please enlighten me.