McCoy: I'm not going to do it.
Me: And for Christ sake why not?
McCoy: When I was twelve, I saw demons floating above me.
Me: …Wow.
McCoy: Hey, take it or leave it.
Me: I'll leave it…for your own good.

Me: Let's use a mirror, supposedly that makes it better, right?
Jae: It makes it too strong to handle.
Ryan: That's just your reflection.

Jae: Okay spirit, what's your first name?
Ouija board: P…a…s…i
Me: It's a China-man's drink order?

McCoy: Ask him about his last name.
Jae: Okay Pasi, what's your last name?
Ouija board: Q4T9.

Jae: How did you die?
Ouija board: F…a…r…t
Ryan: heh.

Josh: Ask it where it is in the room…
Michelle: DON'T DO IT
Jae: Okay Pasi, where are you in the room?
Me: *pulling the planchette over to Michelle*: OH SHIT IT'S GOING TO GET YOU.
Michelle: Ah!!!!

Josh: Do you mind that THE SPIRITS watch you at night?
McCoy: Only if “THE SPIRITS” don't mind watching me jerk off.

Jae: On Google it says that Pasi is actually a Finnish name!
Josh: …but Q4T9 is a robot's name.
McCoy: It's haunting us… from the future!

Jae: It was probably lying. You know spirits lie just as often as people do.
Everybody else: Nah…pretty sure it was just total horseshit.

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