I got an email recently from an unlikely fellow internet administrator asking for a collaboration. Seriously, this came to my inbox, straight up non-spam style:

Hello I know Your portal from some time and from time to time I visit it. I`m administrator of porn site of polish 21y old girl named Bubdzia. She is in all extreme with her anus (dilations, fisting, puping and prolapse). I would like to ask You if may be You will be interest to some on-line interviev with her? She already makes interviev to Bizzare Magazine around december last year so I thinked that may be Your magazine will be also interest in it? This is always idea for article for You and a litle promotion for us. Of course I will share some photos of her for You if You agree for this interviev so You can publicate them if You would like. What You think? site url is: www.bubdzia.com

The first thing I've got to ask myself is, “Alright, Court, you've gone out on a limb for some wacky articles, but is your sense of humor getting too bizarre? Perhaps even *gasp* TOO SEXUAL??”

The answer, of course, is “Hey, at least I didn't write them.”

Anyway, it's come down to this. Webmasters asking if I'd like to interview their anally expressive slaves named Bubdzia. I take some comfort in the fact that I don't even know what puping and prolapse IS, but less in the fact that I've already googled both terms and figured out that “puping” was supposed to read “pumping.”

So whatta you guys think? We could learn a lot from a beat-up Polish asshole, right?

I'm pumped.