I don't understand them.

No really, I don't understand them. Like, what are the mechanics? Do I just eat the underwear and keep eating? Do I take them off and just stuff the whole thing in my mouth like a ball?

Do I just eat enough so they fall off? I can only imagine what my mother say in that situation…"there are starving and horny kids in India. You're not getting anything else to eat until you finish those goddamn edible panties…"

Why don't they market them as much for guys? Is it because nobody wants to be munching on cherry-flavored boxers and find a skid mark? Can you rewear the same pair if you don't get laid that night? For that matter, do you put them on in the morning before you go out?

That could be a problem if it's really hot.

I'm most confused as to what kind of person could have started this trend. In my estimation, it could have only been one of two things: somebody was going in for a little snack on the drizzly grizzley and thought, "man I wish I could swallow her underwear right now".

The only other option is somebody was eating a fruit roll up or something and thought…"you know, this is good, but it's really missing a hint of something. I know! Sweaty vagina."

If anybody reading this has worn, or is currently wearing edible panties (Paul), I would appreciate some help.