You know the drill, answer as comments. Or not. See if I can tell the difference (I can).

Now, I know PopMyCherryGrrl18 isn't a really horny chick looking for loving from me on MySpace, but I have been getting a lot of Facebook requests from real people that I just don't know. How do you decide who gets to be your friend and who doesn't? With my minor internet fame I get people (mostly women for some odd reason) trying to befriend me. I heart all of my fans. How do you decide who makes the cut?

— Extra Note: If you are a fan and want to be FB or MS friends, please just type me a note and I'll happily add you.

How much does the story in pornographic films matter to you?

What's an absolute deal breaker in a relationship for you? Or like a first date situation?

So, I'm still growing my full beard. The mustache is at two and a half weeks and starting to drive me wild. Any advice?