Coffee Shop in Tijuana
This Ain't No Goddamn Novella

opened my notebook n
dumped sugar and cream in my
coffee and wrote four
goddamn words when Paco
pulled out his pistol and started shootin
all of us

I apparently missed all
the shoutin and all
the demands that went
unmet when I was listenin to Coltrane on
a mixtape and packin my cigarettes
but when he started firin
I understood what
was goin on::::: it was Paco
actin like Paco again

but he was shootin this time
and shootin everybody in the place
and it looked like I was soon a dead man
dead cuz SALVADOR was dead (Paco shot him in the chest maybe
three inches from his heart
It shoulda killed him
right away but ol’ Salvador still had enough
time to take off his turtleneck casually
remove his glasses log off his
laptop and shout a horse a horse
my fucking king
dom for a horse…! then he
died on a half-eaten croissant) and he
sat right next to me

so after Paco kicked him on the floor
the goddamn lunatic came up to me and
jammed the flashy piece in my right
eye yellin things
things so I did all I could do I
pointed at the blood
puddle and I told
him I asked him to please
let me live
four words
just ain’t enough
for a
let alone
a goddamn