First off, sorry to the two people (and Dan Opp) who put up with me double-posting the last baseball blog. Blogger was being a bastard. Also, I'm fairly certain Rhode Island has the worst wireless internet in the country. I'm better off sending in my PIC blogs via smoke signal. Anyway, on to the picks.

(HOME team in CAPS)

Jacksonville (+6) over PHILLY
The Jags and Eagles are the “Just Friends” of the NFL. I recently saw “Just Friends” a comedy starring Ryan Reynolds. The plot is essentially about a fat kid in high school, who loses a lot of weight and gets rich and returns home to bang his high school crush…which he does (what a nice message for overweight teenagers). Anyway, the plot is clunky and predictable and the scene where the Christmas decorations get destroyed is embarassing. And yet…I laughed. A lot. A real lot. So I've been debating in my head all week if I should like the movie and recommend it to friends, risking them going “What the fuck? That movie was terrible.” So I have no idea and I'm sick to my stomach thinking about it.
And that's the Jags and Eagles. Any questions?

Atlanta (+4.5) over CINCY
Another one! I literally have no idea what's happening in the NFL anymore, or for that matter, any sport. The two teams in the World Series I both predicted would get swept in the first round. Maybe I should be a fashion designer and make pretty dresses because obviously I don't know shit.

GREEN BAY (-3.5) over Arizona
“Demolition Man” might be on.

TENNESSEE (-3) over Houston
One thing that always bothered me about “Demolition Man”, how in the hell do you wipe your ass with shells?

KC (-6) over Seattle
Huard vs. Wallace. Wow. Although it brings a tear to my eye to see a battle between two QBs that end up on my Madden depth chart after I'm too lazy and let the computer sign free agents.

NEW ORLEANS (-2) over Baltimore
“The Saints are coming! The Saints are coming! The Saints are coming!” Good, now it's stuck in your head. As if you didn't hate me enough before.

Tampa (+9) over NEW YORK GIANTS
This is my impression of the national sports media: “Holy cow, some New York sports team is decidedly above average, they're the best team in all the land!”

And that's how mediocre shits like Jeremy Shockey become household names. God, I hate New York.

New York Jets (-2) over CLEVELAND
Ok, get ready for the patented Rebello flip-flop. The Jets are a good team. They very nearly beat Indy and the Pats, they're well-coached, Pennington is healthy, and their defense is decent. So why are they underdogs against a shithole like Cleveland? Mark my words, the Jets are making the playoffs. They have two tough games left (New England and Chicago), one moderate (Minnesota) and the rest are Buffalo, Miami, Green Bay, Oakland and Houston.

San Fran (+16.5) over CHICAGO
How come more people aren't concerned the Bears needed a 20-point comedback to survive the Cardinals? Am I missing something?

Indy (+2.5) over DENVER
We'll be flipping this around come January.

Oakland (+9) over PITTSBURGH
Spread seems a little high.

CAROLINA (-5.5) over Dallas
Well, the last time Bledsoe was benched by a team in favor of an untested backup…NAH!

New England (-2) over MINNESOTA
This game doesn't scare me nearly as much as it probably should.

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