White Person: “I got this DVD on the black market in Hong Kong.”

Black Person: “What the fuck did you just say?”

White Person: “Yeah, I know, crazy, right? It's got every movie Zac Efron's ever been in!”

Black Person: “No, I mean what the fuck did you just say before about the market in Hong Kong?”

White Person: “Oh, yeah, you know, the black market…”

Black Person: “The BLACK market? I think I see what's going on here. First, you don't want to borrow me 500 dollars, then-“

White Person: “I don't have five hundred dollars, I told you. That's a ton of money to borrow someone.”

Black Person: “Then, you wouldn't bring me to your grandma's house.”

White Person: “I don't even like going to my grandma's house. She makes sick food and pets me for the whole time I'm there.”

Black Person: “You don't trust me, and you're ashamed to show me to your family. I'm starting to think you don't care for my race.”

White Person: “No, I'm not one of those people.”

Black Person: “Those people? Us African-Americans?”

White Person: “I meant racist people.”

Black Person: “Hmm, hmm. What do racist people tend to call African-Americans?”

White Person: “The n-word.”

Black Person: “This guy just said the n-word!”

Every black person in a 2-mile radius starts gathering around and staring angrily at the white person and getting uncomfortably close in his face. Who knows what happens next!

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