For those of you who aren't familiar with the group Anonymous, let me explain to you who they are.

Anonymous = Internet Pussies.

Essentially, they are a bunch of losers who started a crusade against the Church Of Scientology. In reality, these people are simpletons and are no better than the CoS. I have never given the CoS enough thought to even care about them, let alone form an opinion, but I have read about Anonymous and as much as they like to think they are better than the CoS, they have similiar ideals. If your views don't fall in line with their views, they want to destroy you.

Anonymous does all kinds of loser filled things, like “storming” the CoS offices in cities and passing out pamphlets. This is their big plan to bring down the CoS? By fucking passing out papers? It's painfully obvious that these dipshits are poorly organized and couldn't bring down a retarded group of 3rd graders.

What they want you to believe is that they're rightous. Meanwhile, when they're not trying to convince people of how bad the CoS sucks, they're inducing seizures in people with epilepsy.

Anonymous are pussies – you can read the article here

That's right, they invaded a message board for people with epilepsy, and used JavaScript code to post flashing images with the purpose of inducing seizures in these people. It gets even better, though. Anonymous has blamed the CoS for the attacks stating that the CoS is framing them. Do they really think the CoS gives two shits about a bunch of nerds who pass out pamphlets in front of their offices?

Anonymous is filled with a bunch of angry little fuckers who can't amount to anything outside the internet. The real world hates them, and they don't have the social skills to interact with people on a face-to-face level, so they have to hide behind anonymity and make up some bullshit about being nobody, which in reality, is actually true.

Here's to you Anonymous. Keep being a bunch of pussies.