Hey Newsletter Subscribers!

Many of you subscribed to this weekly email for the latest in entrepreneurial and tech news, and up until now, I’ve always delivered. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on stopping any time soon! But this week, in light of tragic events, I thought I’d take a minute to explain how they are all actually about me personally.

I’m half-related to the people of the country that’s in the news right now. And while I’ve never made an effort to speak to any of the family I have over in that one country, and actually never really thought of them beyond if they could get me into a sick warehouse party like that one episode of Succession, I do feel this horrible event on a visceral and personal level, like way worse than how anyone else is feeling it, for sure.

That’s why it’s so harm-inducing to see my metrics go down on my last infographic titled “Top 5 of My NFTs Above $10,000 to Buy In 2022.” I thought due to my facial features many of you had already known I’m part the-country-everyone-cares-about-right-now, but apparently, many of you are more ignorant than I thought. Nevertheless, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t like, bookmark, comment, and share my NFTs post not to harm a directly affected person at this historically bad time, but because you simply didn’t know.

Look, I’m an educator. Patience is my main virtue, and teaching is my passion. Granted, most of the time I’m teaching you about the exciting landscape of crypto and Web 3.0 and not World War 3.0 (haha just kidding…unless?), but I’d be a hypocrite if I gave up on y’all at a time when you need to be educated more than ever. Namely, about how the events in the world are primarily about me personally.

What’s happening globally is an extremely nuanced and complicated subject, which even policy experts and academics have trouble parsing. Sure, you can wade into article after article explaining the dynamics and harrowing timeline that led to the political morass in which we currently find ourselves, or you could just focus on what really counts: me. How the events affect me, how I feel about them, how I’m a hero for existing at the same time these things are happening, despite being extremely far away and shielded in every way from them, and how you can engage with my social media and buy whatever I’m selling (including new T-shirt and merch with the national colors of the place we all care about so much suddenly, especially me)—that’s what truly matters.

So please do your part to help out and enthusiastically engage with every single thing I’ve ever posted or tried to hock on my socials. And tune in next week for my latest list entitled, “Top 10 Arms Dealers You Should Invest in 2022.”