Just this last week the Superentendant declared, English, too be the less important school subject of them all, with District budget cuts coming soon he made the radical desision to have the School Boreds vote on if they want to remove the class for the next school year for there schools. The Supernentendent said theirs lots to think about but its a clear choice to remove English if they will remove a class because english is the most use less class. He says:

– Most people all ready know English. So why are we still teaching it? STEM classes, meaning, Science, Technology, Engenerring, math, has been shown in studys to be the most important subjects of all and history is important to so that leaves English cause, we already cut the arts last year

It is so true what he says. All the collages also say STEM is the most important and they wouldn’t say that if they didn’t know and the point of school is to go to collage so students should be getting ready now and don’t need things like the arts or English taking up there day. Education experts even say students are taking to many classes and going to school to much so removing English classes for every body K-12 would be a move in the right direction I think.

Lots of Students & Parents agree with the Supranintendant saying such things as:

– Kids today do not need two learn to spell or right anything, they have phones too do that for them
– If we could come to school later or leave sooner then I definitively think we should get rid of a class
– I think English id the most boring class and totally use less. They should do a Nap Period instead cause everybody needs more sleep or a social media class cause that would be fun
– I don’t like books
– You’re kids might need to learn english better but mines know it real good and its a waist of time; I taught them all they need to know about English all ready and essays are stupid; also writer’s don’t make any money
– They already removed cursive so why not the hole class? They’ve been cutting it back for years all ready clearly

There was some who disagree but not that many so its not important and I think its a good idea.

Some studys that say english is not good can be found in Chinese. Also there was a super big study in 1954 from the Soviet Union on why English and Capitalism is bad. France also say English is bad in 1337.

As you can see, many people beleive, english, is not very important. Like, why should we waist time doing english in school if all these people think that? It is obvious the Superintended has done his homework and knows what is best for all the schools and if only the Disctrict school Bore would agree then everything would be better for every body.

The Supernintendo himself say:

– This is the best idea, they’re isn’t going to be enough money so we will have to cut corners somewhere. Also we want all schools to built a new gym for the basketball team

Sports is another good way for students to go to collage so that should be more important than english. Maybe they’re should be a basketball class idk.

The school bords will vote on if they will remove English classes from the curicalum this wensday.

Do you agree that english is the most less important school subject?