Sherman's March Back From the Sea

After a long, hearty march to end the war, Sherman and his men were disappointed, although understanding, of this equally long, less hearty march. Logically, they all knew it had to happen, but were still pretty bummed nonetheless.

Sherman's March Madness

Although Sherman is known primarily for his war tactics, his decisive maneuvering, and ability to lead, almost no history books bring up Sherman's skills on the court. A passion only bested by his love of bloody conquest, Sherman would often blow off steam from a big battle with some 3-on-3.

Sherman's March for Breast Cancer Awareness

William Sherman March for Breast Cancer Awareness 

While chiefly known for his ability to conquer, pillage, and fight, Sherman was not a man without charity. In the war off-season, Sherman was heavily involved in the organization of numerous marches for breast cancer awareness. In fact, Sherman was recorded going as far as having his soldiers wear pink ribbon pins as they applied controversial devastation to a region.

Sherman's March of the Penguins

Warrior, general, and Arctic animal enthusiast? That's right. Though no binding evidence can be found, many accounts from Sherman's friends and family state that he was in fact smitten with our adorable southern friends (not the Confederates). In fact, one account suggests Sherman went as far as to claim the Emperor Penguin as his spirit animal.

Sherman's High School Marching Band

With every great man, there is an origin, and sometimes, it's a humble one. Sherman's first experience with marches came at the tender age of 17, where he would lead his school's marching band to regionals, and 10 years later, into a hell only known as war.

Sherman's Ides of March

One of Sherman's favorite movies, hands down. While a bit of a sleeper hit, Sherman constantly raved at George Clooney and Ryan Gosling's performance, citing them both as direct influences for his "scorched earth" policies.

Sherman's Miss March

Without a doubt Sherman's favorite Playboy month, he was quoted as saying, "It combines the natural beauty of spring's arrival, with the (possibly) natural beauty of an all American centerfold." Some have even speculated that Sherman's entire original march to the sea was done to impress the 1863 Miss March, Katherine Northton.

Sherman's March to the Sea World

This was the original title of Sherman's historical march to the sea, thought to have been changed for northern propaganda reasons, with President Lincoln stating, "It's a little less impactful when you learn Sherman was really only trying to reach Orlando. That man sure does love penguins."