I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty liberal guy. My parents were on the left, and hating people for their skin color or their sexual orientation just never made any sense to me. But frankly? The left has changed. What used to be a party defined by good faith and common sense now seems like one dedicated to laughing at me for daring to step beyond the limits set by God for man.

It started out with little things. People I trusted to think through issues started quoting slogans I didn’t understand. “The dead are better off remaining dead,” they would say, or “This dreadful quest to bring her back… don’t you see it’s become an obsession?” If I asked what they meant, all I got were more pat slogans: “There are things man was not meant to understand,” “Who meddles in the affairs of the Gods invites their wrath.”

But that wasn’t enough to make me change my whole political alignment. I just assumed it would all make more sense if I read a few more books or listened to some podcasts. Meanwhile, I continued my nightly visits to the cemetery to gather fresh material. That’s when I learned just how hostile this new, woke leftism could be to freethinkers like me.

Suddenly, it’s like I wasn’t a person to them anymore. “Mad,” they called me. Mad! And without even explaining their logic! And all because of experiments which I performed in my own laboratory in the dungeon of my own manor! They weren’t even happy just criticizing me. They even started attacking my wife too, accusing her of coming back from the dead wrong and other vague insults that only proved they’d run out of real arguments.

Frankly, I don’t think I left the left. I think the left left me. I kept doing the same experiments that I had always done. But then, a few villagers disappear, and suddenly, I’m meddling in forces I can’t control. This is the kind of refusal to compromise that’s repulsive to centrist necromancers like myself. And unless the left figures out a way to reach out to middle-of-the-road people like me, I don’t see how they’ll stay in power or deal with the rash of mysterious murders on the heath.

Right now, I consider myself politically homeless. That’s not just because I still disagree with the conservatives on many important issues. It’s also because a mob of woke villagers burned down my manor in order to purge the land of evil. That mob is a perfect demonstration of the kind of mob mentality that’s destroying this country, especially its hilltop manors full of unseemly doings.

I hope the left comes to its senses. I hope my voice, and those of others like me, helps to show them… to show them all.

Let’s remember that at the end of the day, we’re all just humans. Especially my wife, who was born and remains human. In fact, perhaps she’s more human than any of us! What do I mean by that? Exactly the kind of question people are tired of hearing from the so-called tolerant left.

This isn’t the kind of politics that most Americans want to see. Americans don’t like political polarization. Sure, a few overly online people will cheer when someone says a woman in white robes was seen eating the flesh of the murdered peasants. But most Americans want someone who can see past these divisions. We’re not the living states and the dead states, after all. We’re the United States, and it’s about time that we set aside the things that divide us, and focus instead on what brings us together: galvanic reanimation and the power of electricity.

That’s the way of the future.