There are so many HBOs now! Help!

It's okay! We know it can get confusing. Here are the key differences: HBO Now is our streaming service that's similar to HBO Go, except HBO Now doesn't require a cable package to subscribe. HBO Max features everything HBO Now has to offer, plus so much more like The Big Bang Theory and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. HBO Run is our latest platform that is solely dedicated to the HBO original series, Run.

What will I need to watch—wait. HBO Run is just Run?

HBO Run has a wide catalog to explore. From old classics like the premiere of Run to newer hits like the finale of Run.

Okay so yeah, sounds like just Run. Can't I watch Run on HBO Now or HBO Max?

You can! Each service is designed to cater to each customer's specific needs. So say you're not a huge fan of HBO programming, but you are interested in our new dark romantic comedy thriller that mostly takes place on a train, Run. The best choice for you would probably be HBO Run.

Is there any difference between watching Run on HBO Now, HBO Max, or HBO Run?

We can track who's watching on what service. So if you watch Run on HBO Run, then we'll know about it!

No but I mean, is there a difference for me?

Oooh. No.

And it costs just as much as the other HBOs? That seems like a lot for just Run.

It's not for just Run. It's for HBO Run. The streaming service that features anything and everything Run. For example, HBO Run users will have exclusive access to Run: The Jones Cut.


Vicky Jones. She created Run.

So The Jones Cut is…?

More Run.

Got ya. That it?

Not satisfied, huh? You must really like Run.

No, I just—

Don't worry, HBO Run has loads of exclusive Run content. Like blueprints of the train from Run. Every episode of Previously on Run and Next Time on Run. A reminder of what you recognize Run‘s Merritt Wever from. A reminder of what you recognize Run‘s Domhnall Gleeson from. A fun Run game where you give us your phone number and we text you “RUN” like from the show, then continue to text you unrelated promotional offers. Runtable: A Run Roundtable. A commentary from Phoebe Waller-Bridge—

Oh, I love Phoebe Waller-Bridge! Did she write Run?

Even better. She's an executive producer with a small recurring role!

Ah, that's a shame. So is there any new stuff coming out on HBO Run?

You bet! In 2021, HBO Run will proudly carry season 2 of HBO's hit series, Run.

Ugh. What else?

Samantha Bee and Conan O'Brien will both be releasing comedy specials exclusively on HBO Run.

Oh, great!

It's raw footage of them sitting down and watching Run. The catch? They can't speak or react in any way! And the camera's pointed right at the TV.

So it's Run.


Okay. I'm pretty sure I want HBO Max.

Great! Just know you'll be missing out on all the exclusive features of HBO Run.

Don't care.

For example, with HBO Run, you'll be able to instantly toggle between shows that are Run and shows that aren't Run.

What do I see when I toggle to shows that aren't Run?


God damn it. Alright, I'm gonna choose HBO Max so I can watch Friends.

There are friends in Run.

Not friends in the general sense. I mean the famous show that everyone loves.


NO! Look, I'm good. Anything else I need to know?

Unfortunately, HBO Run cannot currently stream in 4K.

So in other words, HBO Run has Run in a worse quality than any of the other HBOs?

Correct. The quality of HBO Run's Run is exclusively poor.

Maybe I should just go with Netflix.

That's the one without Run?

Sure, the one without Run.

I see. Times must be tough.

What? I'm fi—

Let us know when things get back on track. Be well!