Photos of My Social Security Number

Could my entire identity be stolen if someone logged into my phone for 3 seconds? Absolutely, especially considering it’s in my photo album titled “Social Security Number.” These pics are absolutely sticking around so I don’t panic when my doctor spontaneously asks for my social over the phone.

A Picture of the Loaf of Bread I Made Six Years Ago

My source of pride. I have this photo to relive the glorious moment of pulling a successful, fluffy loaf out of the oven. Well, I also use it to validate the “Baking” hobby I listed on my Tinder profile. Every now and then, I screenshot it so the date looks like I baked it last week. Keep!

iCloud Photos Imported From My Mom’s Phone

I’m not sure how the ephemeral being of iCloud works, and I’m afraid these might disappear forever if I delete them. Then my mom will call me about them later, and that will be a whole mess. Should I have my own iCloud at 26 years old? Let’s circle back on that later. Definitely keep these pics to be safe.

Screenshots of a Soup Recipe I Never Made

Soup season is upon us once more. I've had this so long that it's nostalgic to look at. I saved this recipe of miscellaneous root veggies and broths for winter 2016, but now I can use it for winter 2023! Or 2027, if winter still exists then. Point is, I’ll get this recipe stewing sometime. Keep, just in case.

Pictures of 162 sunsets

Incredible! It’s not often you get to see a sunset. I only get to snap a pic on my way home from work every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and also on my days off. I’ll keep them to make an Instagram account dedicated to sharing my sunset pics with the surely sunset-deprived world.

Seven Pictures of My Food From a Restaurant I Don’t Remember The Name Of

Keep! My meal looks delicious, and I might be able to reverse image search these in the future. I still dream about this one specific floppy margherita pizza, and I never give up on my dreams. One day, I will visit this restaurant once more, no matter how long I have to keep these pictures around.

Screenshots of a TikTok

It’s all the funny without spending the whole seven seconds watching it. Our ever-shrinking attention spans are bringing regular old picture memes back in style anyways. Keep, and send to friends even when they don’t ask for it.

Photo of Another Person’s Phone

My friend Chelsea asked me to take a photo of her Snapchat feed with Brad so he wouldn’t see the screenshot. Then, I had to do the same thing when she pulled up his VSCO. And once more for BeReal. What if she needs this for evidence when they break up again? Keep, for Chelsea.

Zillow Apartment Screenshots

A girl can have aspirations. I’m saving these to put on my 2024 manifest board. If the economy gets better, I can afford that one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco when I’m 84! If I’m really rich, I can even afford the one with the bathroom.

Multiple Copies of The Same Photo

Look, it’s easy to lose images in a list of 11,546. I scroll for ten minutes to find specific pictures, and then I screenshot them to get them back at the bottom of my gallery. The process repeats, effectively duplicating my photos every two months. I gotta keep backups just in case. And backups of my backups. And backups of the backups of my backups.