“Heaven just got a lot cooler!”

“It’s like a piece of my youth died.”

“They don't make rock stars like him/her/them anymore.”

Posting of Spotify playlist to prove they still listened to dead rock star prior to his or her demise.

“I saw him/her/them when I was in college… [detailed memory of post-concert shenanigans.]”

“[Popular album] got me through some really hard times.”

[Dead rock-star lyrics which evoke serenity posted on social media along with photo of sunset.]

[Changing social media profile pic to pic of dead rock star.]

Posting of old concert tickets on social media with reference to low price and close proximity.

“I can’t even remember a time in my life when I did not love [dead rock star].”

Reference to origin, chord progression and guest percussionist of obscure song to illustrate depth of knowledge.

“Say hello to [Jimi, Janis, John, David, Prince, Johnny, Amy, Kurt, Freddie, Buddy, Jim, Bob] for me.”


Posting the words “NO WORDS” along with photo of [Dead Rock Star] on social media.

“True original” or “Bonafide legend” or “Genius” or “…will live forever”

[Dead Rock Star lyrics which are sad and obscure posted on social media with photo that is sad and obscure.]

“First [preceding dead rock star] and now [dead rock star].”

“The first album I ever bought.”

[Dead rock star lyrics which appear to foretell his or her demise.]

“I broke up with my first [boyfriend or girlfriend or husband or wife] because they didn't appreciate him/her/them.”

Angry post decrying tributes as something by which [dead rock star] would be revolted and embarrassed.

“Soundtrack of college.”

Photo of flowers in front of location where he or she died.

“Oh no. So sad.”

“Shocked and saddened…”

“[Well Known Ballad] was my wedding song.”