Earlier this week, Steve from Blue’s Clues released a video update on where he’s been for the past two decades. This prompted the question, what have other beloved '90s characters been up to all this time?

Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House Is a Landlord

Two decades later, Bear has learned the true value of real estate. He has converted his Big Blue House into nine tiny, poorly ventilated studio apartments. While before he was letting Tutter, Ojo, Pip, and Pop stay there for free, they’re now tenants with rent prices jacking up year after year.

Even Shadow, who has no real physical form and takes up zero space, is charged a hefty $1,200 a month just for appearing on the walls. Bear never makes any requested repairs, and instead sings to his residents about the importance of hard work.

Every morning Bear starts his day with his signature sniffing. He smells something he likes alright, it’s money. At night Bear harmonizes with the moon as he sings goodnight to his house of hungry, broke Muppet tenants:

“The moon, the bear, and the Big Blue House
We'll be waiting for you to come and pay
To come and pay, come and pay $$$”

Lunette from Big Comfy Couch Is a Hoarder

It turns out the big comfy couch was a little TOO comfy. Twenty years later, Lunette is a hoarder who hasn’t seen the sun in nearly two decades.

The big comfy couch has a permanent ass crater from where she spends all her days counting her dollies. She realized how much she loved talking to her dolly Molly, so she ordered another on Amazon. It seemed like a harmless habit until Amazon Prime came along. Suddenly she was ordering a dolly a day, addicted to the thrill of a package arriving so quickly.

Her house is now overrun with Mollies and dust bunnies, who she’s convinced are her friends. Major Bedhead no longer comes by to deliver mail on his unicycle because there’s no room to lay it down.

Even the ten-second tidy slipped away from her, turning from ten seconds to nine, then to eight, until eventually there was no more tidying at all.

Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales Is a Satanist

Twenty years later, Larry is a member of the Satanic temple.

There were many things that led Larry away from life as a devout Christian cucumber, but none as significant as his love for Bob the tomato.

The latent sexual chemistry between Bob and Larry boiled over, but the church wouldn’t accept them as a couple. Veggie Tales told the lovers that they might BE produce, but they could never re-produce. “It’s Adam and Eve, not Reggie and Veggie,” they said.

Bob and Larry took their philosophy of compassion, respect, and empathy to a church that truly valued it: the Satanic temple.

To honor his new religion and goth aesthetic, Larry remixed some of his hit “Silly Songs with Larry” bops and released, “I Love My Lip Ring” and “The Protestants Who Don’t Do Anything.”