While sweeping up after a recent concert, I found a page of the contract that the Wells Fargo Center signs with artists before they perform. In order to respect the artist’s privacy, I won’t be able to disclose his/her name. However, I can describe in detail the piece of paper I found.  

Let’s see if you can guess which Top 40 artist left behind this tiny piece of music history.

The card stock was thick and expensive. It was somewhere between brochure- and poster-grade with a matte finish.  The page was bordered by an ornate, cursive font that repeated “Drake” over and over around the perimeter.  Deep purple text against a lavender background read as follows:

  1. 12 Lobsters (live)
  2. 7 baby-blue kashmir throw pillows (fluffed)
  3. My (Drake’s) mom
  4. Assorted teas
  5. 1 case white wine spritzers
  6. 1 case Seagram’s Escapes
  7. Sandi Graham (that’s my mom)
  8. I would like to dedicate this show to my mom
  9. 2 tubs of good lotion (cocoa butter, etc.)
  10. Mama, I love you.
  11. 1 box Luna bars (I know they’re for girls but, I love blueberry bliss)
  12. You raised me to be the man I am today.
  13. I owe you everything.
  14. Misc. fruit snacks
  15. 20 different Yankee Candles
  16. All I want in this life is to make you proud, Mom.
  17. 1 crew-neck sweater reading “Mommy’s Lil Rapper
  18. You’re the best woman in the world.