Woooow! BIG Stretch!

Judges pulled from the street crown someone’s pet the “Most Adorable Little Sleepy Guy on the Planet” after reviewing competitor’s camera rolls. Children & Family. Soapy. Intense.

Can We Talk in My Office Later?

Office drama that's based around a seemingly innocent Friday morning email that potentially holds a much darker, insidious meaning. Workplace Dramedy. Dark. Sci-Fi.

Dot. Dot. Dot.

Mystery-based docu-series following the true lives of people who've been subjected to the dreaded SMS dots. Follow along as they try to make sense of the seemingly senseless. (What were they typing? Is it bad? Good? I need to know, you coward!) Mystery. True-Crime. Edgy.


Fast-paced zany Super Market Sweeps-style game show where contestants try to feed themselves for a week and a half on a $36 budget. Reality TV. Informative. Inspiring.

Hands-On Your Knees, Please!

An electric reality TV dance competition hosted by the sixth-highest-selling pop artist from the year you graduated high school. Contestants compete to see if they've still got It (the moves) and to see if they don’t have It (early adult arthritis). Dance for it all this fall! Reality TV. Gruesome. Medical.

Spin The Block

A quirky, single-camera comedy about a down-on-his-luck, 20s-something man who drunkenly propositions his ex-BF only to find out he moved to the mushroom kingdom? And he’s dating an actual Princess? LGBTQ+ Stories. Ground-breaking. Heartfelt.

Age Ain’t Nothin’

Weekly trivia show where contestants guess how young a trending celebrity is! The answers won’t be that surprising but they WILL shock contestants! (Wait? We’re the same age? But they were in Glee! Jesus.) Game Show. Reality TV. Mortality.

My Best Friend, Stretchy

Adult animated sitcom about a man putting the pieces back together after losing his job and getting dumped by his GF with the help of his favorite inside/outside/bedtime pal, Stretchy the Sweatpants. Buddy Comedy. Late Night. Sticky.

Bullied at 30

Docu-series chronicling a 30-year-old professional who downloads TikTok and quickly learns that kids are just as mean as when he was in middle school. Beware the RatioGang. Beware the Yeeeesh. Beware the age-old question, “what's 9/11?” Kid-Friendly. Documentary. Investigative Reporting.