Traffic is getting back to pre-pandemic levels. Do these exercises now to make sure you own the road.

Middle finger lifts

You might wonder: “Do I need this? I’ve been flipping people off ever since I got my learner’s permit.” Listen, if you wanna drive extreme, you gotta work the extremities. Clip a small dumbbell to each middle finger and do three sets of 50 reps while reaching up and out with your arms. Don’t use too much weight; you don’t want to bulk up. In the car, this move is about quickness and maximum extension.

Full body horn press

Grab a medicine ball and sit on a bench facing right up against a wall. Thrusting up from the calves through the quads and glutes, mash the ball into the wall and hold for 60 seconds, working the triceps and lats. Make sure to get your gut involved to get the full-body effect. When the time comes to send a message, you want to be heard.

Wheel jerks

Sit holding a weight plate with your hands at the three o’clock and nine o’clock positions. Keeping your elbows tight to your sides, sharply twist the plate clockwise and counterclockwise. Use the heaviest one you can handle; this is a power move. A common beginner’s mistake is adding a turn signal flick. No. You don’t want to tip your hand. Jerk that wheel and cut in before other drivers can react.

Accelerator ankle press

Another of the fundamentals. From the interstate to neighborhood streets, what counts is speed. Place the front of your right foot on the push plate of a standard leg press, load with as much weight as you can move, and flex your stomping muscles. Ten sets of at least ten reps. Right ankle only; don’t waste training time on your non-driving foot.

Arm flails

When you’re gesticulating at some idiot, with your sleeves rolled up or cut off, no one wants to see a lot of jiggle in those upper arms. Take a pair of dumbbells and swing ’em around haphazardly in 30-second loops. Putting in the toning work up front will prevent injuries and embarrassment later.

Jaw extensions

Almost all road encounters begin and end with the jawbone, so you want to make sure yours is ready. Lay a cable across your bottom molars and load with at least fifteen pounds. Holding the neck steady, open and close your mouth as rapidly as possible. A seated position is recommended in case saliva causes the cable to slip. Better to crush your unneeded junk rather than risk damaging your accelerator foot.

That’s it! When the fury starts flowing, these simple but effective workouts will let everyone know who’s boss.