Teachers Jokes

Top 10 funny things about teachers:

  1. They love sex: Teacher Accused of Sex with One Very Lucky Middle School Student
  2. Hot teachers are no longer myths: Hot for Teacher
  3. They can be easily persuaded by free food: Generic All-Purpose College Study Guide
  4. They can get bad grades too: Fun Times with Teacher Evaluations
  5. Story-telling is in their nature: Choose Your Own Adventure: College
  6. With their help, the end of your semester can be stress-free: The End-Of-Semester Blues
  7. Some of them are lazy just like us: The Art and Science of Bullshit
  8. They're extremely easy to make fun of while in class: 38 Survival Activities for a Boring Class
  9. The houses they live in seem to attract eggs: If My Life Was a Sitcom
  10. When you don't understand what they're saying, they sound like the teacher from Peanuts: You Must Be This Smart to Ride: Theme Park Rules for Educated Riders