Strippers Jokes

Top 10 funny things about strippers:

  1. For some guys, they make the best girlfriends, even if you only see them every once in a while: Ah, The Strip Clubs: Part 4 – My Two Stripper Girlfriends
  2. When you first meet them, they always say they just started in the business: Ah, The Strip Clubs: Part 1
  3. There's not a single one hoping that a talent scout will show up and help her make it big…..well career wise anyway: Guide to Stand-Up Comedy
  4. Due to Halloween and random theme parties, it seems like every college girl secretly wants to become one: College Halloween Costumes
  5. Along with the ones who just started out, there's always those that should hang up the whips and just retire: Almost Raped in Austin
  6. Their names can be cute, sexy or can be so horrifying that they scar you for life: A Hurricane By Any Other Name
  7. They go well with bachelor parties, birthday parties and even the Christmas holidays: All Twelve Days of Christmas Explained
  8. Their job may be sleazy and disgusting to some, but they do work at a level of professionalism: Ah, The Strip Clubs: Part 3 – Staging the Strippers
  9. Some people say they love champagne: The Making of a Rap Video
  10. Instead of venturing off to the big cities, most of them stay right where they are and represent their hometown: The Cost Of Living: Now on Sale!
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